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Advanced Technology in Orthotics

Rockford Orthopedic Appliance utilizes the most advanced technology in our orthotic devices to maximize the function and fit for our patients. Many of our devices are custom molded to assure that the fit is precise and the fabrication is exact. From back and leg braces to cervical collars to infant helmets, we guarantee that our devices will fit perfectly, every time. Precise measurements, state-of-the-art materials and expert fabrication of our custom devices provide the function, comfort and ease-of-use our patients deserve.

Orthotic Products

Burn Compression Garments
Compression Stockings
Cervical Orthoses
Upper Extremity Orthoses
Cranial Molding Helmets
Fracture Bracing
Knee Bracing
Microprocessor Knee Joints
Stance Control Knee Joints
Pediatric Orthoses
Spinal Orthoses
Lower Extremity Orthoses
Drop Foot Orthoses
Walk Aid Functional Electrical Stimulation Devices
Custom Ankle Orthoses